Packaging Works

We specialise in FMCG, Healthare & Durables packaging having worked with a variety of materials, ranging from plastics, paper to FRP. With knowledge of consumer insights, packaging processes, manufacturing and raw materials, we help in providing path breaking innovative packaging solutions.

Natural Sweetener Packaging | Acumen Wellness, Dubai

Lumiance Packaging | Estrella Professional

Lumiance Packaging | identitidesign portfolio
Lumiance Packaging | identitidesign portfoliio

Klarissa Packaging | Estrella Professional

Klarissa Packaging | identitidesign portfoliio
Klarissa Packaging | identitidesign portfoliio
Klarissa Packaging | identitidesign portfolio

Intenso Packaging | Estrella Professional

Intenso Packaging | identitidesign portfolio

Filo Nuts Packaging Design

Filo Packaging | identitidesign portfoliio

Chillup Beverage Packaging | CavinKare

Cavin’s Flavoured Milk Packaging | CavinKare

Nexcare Acne Solution Packaging | 3M Nexcare

Gripe Water Packaging | Acumen Wellness, Dubai

SoftSpot Packaging | Parry’s Confectionary

Chillout Mango Drink Packaging | CavinKare

Indola Offer Box Packaging | Henkel Indola